Wednesday, November 2, 2011

UAE official and ex-rally driver Sulayem guest at Cyprus Rally 2011

FIA Vice-President Mohammed bin Sulayem is attending Cyprus Rally on 3-5 November 2011 as the guest of honour of Cyprus Automobile Association (CAA), invited by the President of the Association Antonis Michaelides.

The rally which is the final round of this year’s Intercontinental Rally Challenge (IRC) calendar will decide the winner of the 2011 IRC title. Competitors will have the chance to earn double points at the 2WD category with a prize of 150,000 euro.

Sulayem is also the President of the ATCUAE. He has very interesting memories related to Cyprus, being the venue of his first rally competition outside the Middle East, when he was a rally driver himself.

“I am very happy to have been invited to attend this fantastic and well run event, and to be able to watch first hand the live coverage operation of Eurosport. The IRC series is important for the FIA , the fans and the drivers”, he announced to UAE media.

Michaelides will discuss with Sulayem ways of promoting Cyprus rally in the UAE and the wider GCC region. Another topic of discussion would be the facilitation of customs permits for race cars entering Cyprus.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cyprus Dome Festival and Cyprus Science Festival 2011

The Cyprus Dome Festival, taking place at the American Academy of Larnaca from 18th - 21st March 2011, is a festival of science, art and culture where a number of films and art pieces have been submitted from producers, film producers and artists world wide.

The films will capture the imagination of younger and older audiences alike, having a universal nature in subject content and act in an edutainment capacity.

The festival is open to the public and will be a ticketed event with a special opening night designated for the Friday evening:

Together with a number of partners from organizations and companies in Cyprus and abroad, a competition will be launched to support science education and the future skills base of Cyprus where citizens of any age will have the opportunity to learn about film making, science and submit their own content to create a database of the world's most entertaining science related film. Prizes include the winning films shown at planetaria and science centres world wide with prizes for individuals and schools.

Reference: Sotira Trifourki
Cyprus Science Festival Director

Cyprus Domefestival March 18th - 21st

Cyprus Science Festival April 1st - 26th

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Historical sites for conferences and incentives purposes

The Antiquities Department in cooperation with the Cyprus Tourism Organisation provides several archaeological sites for conferences and incentives purposes. The designated sites are:

1. Palaipafos (Aphrodite’s Temple) Open Air Avli - Kouklia
Palaipafos (Aphrodite’s Temple) Hall – Kouklia

2. Colossi Castle Parking Area

3. Mediaeval Lemesos (Limassol) Castle

4. Paphos (Pafos) Fort Open Air (Avli)

5. Kourion Parking Area Lemesos (Limassol)
Kourion Visitor’s Site Open Air (Limassol)
Kourion Amphitheatre Lemesos (Limassol)

6. Larnaka (Larnaca) Castle Open Air (Avli)

7. Ethnological Museum (Spanish Yard or Atrium) The House of Chatzigeorgakis Kornesios

Friday, May 14, 2010

First Olympus eco-trail

On 27 June 2010 the first eco-trail race will take place on the slopes of the Troodos Mountains in Cyprus, covering 14km long race.

75% of the trail will go in nature and elevate from 1750 to 1950 meters to Mount Olympus, the highest peak in Cyprus.

The start and finish points are in Troodos Square. From there the road goes for 2km toward Mount Olympus through Artemis trail, up to Olympus summit along the eastern shoulder, dowhill on the ski slope and 9km in the Atalanta nature trail.

According to advice posted in the blog, mountain running shoes are recommended, the main part of the route goes through partly rocky nature trails. Particularely, the part that goes down from Olympus peak on a ski slope is difficult.

A week-end preparation training is organized to get acquainted with the skills needed for the task. One session is enough to get ready. Training will be combined by waste collection.

The event is organized in partnership with the Department of Forests in Cyprus. Activities are in coordination with the French Embassy and environmental authorities in Cyprus.

Dromea racing runners club will organize car sharing to get to Troodos.

Website (blog):

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Buying tickets online for events in Cyprus is a website specialized in selling tickets for cultural, travel and sports events in Cyprus. The sales are made directly to end users and not to middlemen.
The main idea behind it is to provide simple way to purchase tickets. The purchaser will receive an electronic notification and will be able to print out the ticket and attend the event directly.

Purchases are safe. They can be made online until 24 hours before the event. After selecting the event, the date, number of tickets and the category, the client clicks on Order button and chooses the method of payment.

The tickets can be printed on normal printer, not necessarily in color. Even if the client has no printer to print or faces a paper jam during printing, the electronic notification will enable him or her to have the ticket printed later or at the event location.
If an event is cancelled, the management will contact the client and inform him or her about other alternatives available, but if the client is not interested in any of the alternatives, then the ticket sum is refunded though a bank account.

Event organisers and promoters are encouraged to contact and post their events online with no set up cost or maintenance fee.

Selling tickets online to international clients will help in enriching their holiday and will enable them to know more about the different activities available in Cyprus.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Saint Lazarus in Larnaka

There are several religious sites in Larnaka, but the most important one is the tomb of Saint Lazarus, where a cathedral now stands.

According to religious tradition, after resurrection the Saint (who was a friend of Jesus Christ) came and resided for 30 years in Cyprus, where he was ordained bishop in the city of Kition (as Larnaka was called then).

The Byzantine Museum in Cyprus (which belongs to Archbishop Makarios III Foundation), is organizing an intreresting exhibition of icons and relics from 02 - 08 March 2010, in honor of Saint Lazarus.

You can get more information at the website:

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Events and activities that keep you busy in Cyprus

Every month there are hundreds of things you can do in Cyprus.

Take this month (February 2010) for example. If you go through the 14 pages list you will notice so many choices and alternative activities that will keep you extremely busy when you visit Cyprus, unless you choose to opt for relaxation and less hectic schedules.

I have chosen several indicative events in Cyprus. See more details in the above link.

Carnival is a ten-day period of fun and eating, prior to fifty days of fasting, before Easter. Carnival parades and fancy–dress balls are very popular all over Cyprus and especially in Lemesos. 04-14 February 2010.

Bird watching in Cyprus: Birdlife Cyprus arranges bird watching trips regularly.

Musical Saturdays continue in Lefkosia throughout February.
Musical Sundays continue in Lemesos, Larnaka and Pafos throughout February.

Art exhibition: Guernica, the story of painting, organized by the Bank of Cyprus and Artos Foundation. Lefkosia, 11 February – 21 March 2010.

Cyprus Symphony Orchestra has series of musical events in Lefkosia, Lemesos and Larnaka including classical music concert, string workshop concert, chamber music concert, etc.

Cyprus Sunshine Cup 2010 is a mountain bike race organised by the Cyprus Cycling Federation in the Machairas Forest, 26 – 28 February 2010.

Get to know Lefkosia, Lemesos and Pafos by walking. Take advantage of the walking tours organised by the municipalities of these cities.

Almond Festival: Traditional dances and free tasting of traditional products made of almond. Limnatis village in Lemesos district.

Limassol International Marathon 2010, 28 February 2010.

Sculpture exhibition in Larnaka by artist Andreas Tamamounas. “Kypriaki Gonia” Art Gallery. 15 January – 05 February 2010

Green Monday celebrations in Larnaka: Traditional music, songs, dances and games as well as activities for children. Organised by the Larnaca Municipality. Venue: Hala Sultan Tekke Grove. 15 February 2010.

Agia Napa and Paralimni Cultural Winter: Both municipalities organise traditional music, dance, classical music and other cultural events during the winter (November to March).

More information available at (under Events)

Get to know Lefkosia by walking

Since 1987 Lefkosia Municipality organizes series of thematic walking tours on certain days of the week.

These walking tours have proved to be good means in getting the foreign visitors better acquainted with the old part of Lemesos.

Througout the years the tours have been adjusted and developed to include new locations, some even outside the old city.

It is widely accepted that walking tours convey the real feeling of a place and contributes to its cultural development.

Lefkosia walks in February 2010
Every Monday
Chrysaliniotissa and Kaimakli: The Past Restored Guided bus and walking tour. Starting point: CTO Information Office in Laiki Geitonia at 10:00. Free participation.

Every Thursday
Guided walking tour of old Lefkosia. Starting point: CTO Information Office in Laiki Geitonia at 10:00. Free participation.

Every Friday
Lefkosia (Nicosia) - Outside the Walls. Guided bus and walking tour. Starting point: CTO Information Office in Laiki Geitonia at 10:00. Free participation. Organised by the Tourist Guides Association in collaboration with the Cyprus Tourism Organisation.

For further information on the walks please contact +357 22 674 264
Photo: Hrach Kalsahakian during Lefkosia walking tour (2005).

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Anglers are invited to catch bass fish to save a certain type of snake from extinction

Reuters reports that anglers are asked to help rescue an endangered Cyprus water snake called Natrix natrix cypriaca, that faces threat from a snappy fish.

To resolve the problem, at least temporarily, anglers will be allowed in February 2010 to fish again in the Xyliatos Reservoir on the foot of Troodos Mountains, where this aggessive fish lives.

The problematic fish (largemouth bass) eats almost everything that moves in the depths, including frogs that consist the primary source of food for the endangered snake.

The snake is harmless and does not poison or bite. It only fakes death or produces bad smelling fluid when attacked.

Reuters informs that the remains of this snake has been discovered in a very old site, probably the oldest prehistoric site in Cyprus (Aetokremmos), some 12 thousand years old.

The bass fish appeared in the reservoir in recent years. Authorities think it might have been brought in by anglers who found it easy to catch bass, compared to the difficult task of catching trout fish.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dance and feast in the streets in Limassol

Travel writer Killian Fox from Abu Dhabi daily newspaper "The National", has mentioned Limassol (Lemesos) as a recommended location for visit in February.

Killian says: "Every spring, before the fasting period of Lent, Cyprus enters a feasting period known as Carnival. For 10 days and nights, the island throngs with vibrant parades, fancy-dress parties and lively musical performances."

Talking about the weather, Killian notices that the weather in February is already warm and flowers are in early boom.

The Carnival is best experienced in Limassol. Killian emphasizes on that saying: "Nowhere does Carnival better than Limassol, Cyprus’ second city on the picturesque southern coast, where the celebrations are high-spirited and brightly colourful."

To sum up the activities related to the Carnival, we read the following: "The festivities kick off on February 4 – the beginning of Kreatini, or “Meat Week” – with the arrival of the Carnival King."

And a final advice: "Make the most of the island’s wonderful cuisine (the second week of Carnival revolves around cheese) before the Grand Carnival Parade heralds the beginning of Lent on February 14."

"The National", Abu Dhabi, 30 January 2010

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cypriot and Greek authorities cooperate and break up an antiquities smuggling ring

Cyprus police announced Monday (25 January 2010) they had arrested a theft ring that was trying to sell four thousand years old artifacts.

More than 100 officers worked on the case in Cyprus, originally alerted by information coming from Greek police.

"By cooperating with the Greek authorities we were able to track and locate this smuggling ring," Cypriot Communications Minister Nikos Nikolaides told reporters.

The case can lead to further enquiry about the security measures in Cyprus around archaeological sites.

Police is also investigating whether the theft is part of an international smuggling network. Police spokesman said 10 Cypriots had been arrested so far and more arrests are expected.

This has been the largest antiquities theft attempt in the history of Cyprus.

According to officials the artifacts include copper and silver coins, terra-cotta urns and clay and limestone figurines from urns located in Lemesos and Pafos. It is suspected that some of the artifacts are from occupied territories of Cyprus or maybe from elsewhere.

Cyprus is known for its archaeological wealth as it has wittnessed successive waves of settlers starting from around 9000 BC.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

British couple ordered to demolish their illegally built villa in occupied part of Cyprus

Reuters reports that a British couple faces having to demolish their holiday villa in the Turkish controlled part of Cyprus after a court rule in the United Kingdom.

The ruling can affect many other foreign holiday home owners who may have been investing in illegally obtained land without their knowledge.

David and Linda Orams spent their life’s savings to buy a villa in 2002. The purchased land was owned by a Greek Cypriot who became a refugee in 1974, after the invasion of the Turkish forces.

The original owner Meletios Apostolides took action against the couple in a Cypriot court. The Nicosia District Court ordered the demolition of the villa with the pool and other parts.

Then Apostolides sought enforcement of the ruling abroad. The European Court ruled in favour of him.

The UK Court of Appeal rejected arguments by the couple that the European Court judge has close relationship with Cyprus leadership, something they claimed had influenced his decision.

This is an important decision that could affect thousands of other holiday home owners, who purchased land in the occupied territories belonging originally to Greek Cypriots.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pafos for Bahrain and other GCC residents

Stan Szecowka, writes from Bahrain about his experiecne when he stayed in a semi-detached villa in Pafos, not far from the city center (Gulf Weekly, 20-26 January 2010)

Lordies Lodge is a new semi-detached villa on the impressive Regina Gardens complex, owned by property giant Leptos.

The article offers a solution for all exaptriates who live in Bahrain and the wider GCC countries and want to spend a nice time in the summer closer to the Middle East.

Stan writes about Pafos:

"Beaches and family attractions are easy to find and include a bird sanctuary, water park and go-kart arena to name but a few.

The restaurants are geared up for offering fine food and a variety of evening entertainment from Elvis impersonators to a full-on theatrical show between courses at the fabulous Fat Mamas.

The latter is particularly popular and it might be best to book a table in advance or you'll have to wait in the queue!

When you want to chill you can escape the seaside and set off for the marvellous mountains and even stop for a paddle under natural waterfalls for a relaxing day out".

Photo: Pafos castle.

Read more here at Gulf Weekly's website

Monday, January 11, 2010

Louis Cruises offers to watch The Solar Eclipse On Board MV Aquamarine

Louis Cruises, one of the leading travel agencies in Cyprus, is offering you to watch the Solar Eclipse On Board of one of its specially equipped boats MV Aquamarine

This is good opportunity to watch the longest solar eclipse of the 3rd millennium falling on 15th January 2010.

Parallel presentations, movies and simulations related to the eclipse will be available on board, to acquire further knowledge on the subject.

Read full text as appeared in one of the Indian publications:

Louis Cruises offers to watch The Solar Eclipse On Board MV Aquamarine